Improving the quality of effluent in wastewater treatment plants

The problem

A WWTP did not achieve the water quality required for agriculture irrigation. The addition of ternary treatment takes time and the reuse is economically and ecologically important.
The WWTP does not have primary settling so that unwanted poisonous material (fats and metals) enter in the biological reactors.

The solution
Injection of Sodium Aluminate in the biological reactor was tested.

Within a few days, the quality of the wastewater improved significantly and the water was suitable for agricultural applications.
Stopping the addition of sodium aluminate resulted in reduced efficiency of the removal of biomass
in the reactor and feed of sodium aluminate had to be restarted.
Operation of the wastewater plant with sodium aluminate also reduced the phosphorous content by 50%.

Improved quality of wastewater by injection of chemicals

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