Changes in production facilities

Company S² analyzes the process of manufacturing facilities to improve the quality of the effluents of the central wastewater treatment facility production processes.

Treatment by changes in production facilities treatment upstream (July 2010)

  • The sewage treatment plant is unable to improve the removal of contaminants that are prohibited for disposal in the sewer
  • Disposal of sewage to a regulated place without treatment, expensive
  • The wastewater treatment solution cannot change existing production processes

The results of the process analysis are:

  • Identify the source of the uncleanliness and the contribution of all production lines
  • Examining the production processes and adapting the facility to changes
  • Finding technological changes that will lead to lowering the concentration of pollutants to the desired values
  • Preparation of a techno-economic plan for changes in the facilities for solving the problem
  • S² will accompany the implementation of the above changes
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