Potassium Aluminate

Potassium Aluminate (KAlO2)2is a chemical, manufactured by S² in Israel.

 Product quality.

Product purity meets the most stringent standards of AWWA and of EU authorities.
The specifications of each batch are controlled by an authorized laboratory.
The product is supplied in packages of 1 m3, jerrycans of 18 liters, bulk

Product advantages.

Liquid coagulant having the highest concentration of active element on the market. The aluminum content is 11-12%.
Product availability in stock guaranteed (local delivery)
Potassium Aluminate is a basic coagulant (pH > 13.5). Therefore its use, in the case of acidic wastewaters, lowers the cost of the treatment compared to the use of other coagulant requiring pH correction with KOH.
Heavy metals removal using Sodium Aluminate occurs at pH = 6-7 whereas with other existing chemical treatments, pH should be at least 10.
Replaces Sodium Aluminate for applications in regions with Sodium sensitivity.
Using potassium aluminate does not add sodium to the system.


The use of Potassium ions makes the product expensive

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