Sodium aluminate

Sodium Aluminate (NaAlO2)2is produced in Israel by SWDP LTD. using basic waste brines.

 Product quality.

The specifications of the product complies with the American AWWA organization and with the European authorities. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health for use in drinking water.
Sodium Aluminate is produced in a dedicated production unit and the quality of the product is controlled by an authorized laboratory.
The product is supplied in cubicontainers (1 m3), Jerricans (18 liter) or in bulk.

Product advantages.

A liquid coagulant of the highest concentration of active ingredient on the market (Aluminum content of 11-12%).
The cheapest coagulant according to the active ingredient concentration.
Product availability, in stock, is guaranteed (local supply).
Basic coagulant (pH >13.5) and therefore its use for acid wastewater lowers the treatment cost and limits the salting of the effluent.
Efficient for heavy metals removal (occurs at pH 6.0-7.0).
The combined use with Aluminum Sulfate is very effective in the coagulation process, thus lowers the cost and reduces the effluent salting.
Use of Sodium Aluminate has a positive effect on the alkalinity needed for the biological processes.

Main uses.

The product is widely used as a coagulant for the industrial and urban wastewater treatment.
Pretreatment in Sea Water Desalination plants
The product is suitable for treating drinking water.

Additional uses

Paper industries.
Cast cement additive.
Colorants industry.
Catalysts production.
Zeolites (detergents) production.