Phosphorus removal

S² company implements the removal of phosphorus in municipal wastewater tertiary care facilities.

Emphasis on:

  • The use of chemicals in municipal wastewater treatment facilities enables the following objectives to be achieved:
  • Choosing an economically optimal coagulant.
  • Examination of the dosage of chemicals for the purpose of removing phosphorus up to the required level
  • Examining the effects of chemicals on the function of filtration equipment.

It can be seen that the use of sodium aluminate or aloe vera can remove phosphorus.
The use of sodium aluminate significantly reduces the treatment of phosphorus.
Lowering the concentration of phosphorus requires large amounts of active substance, which micromanages the treatment.
Dosage of chemicals at the entrance of tertiary treatment only is not recommended.
Phosphorus removal is also necessary to prevent the formation of strevit which causes clogging of pipes and faults in the company's facility.

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