New sewage applications

Analysis processes to improve the quality of treated wastewater for industrial plants which are now paying heavy fines on wastewater evacuated.

Treatment by changes in production facilities New industrial wastewater treatment applications (2009-2010)

  • In a large number of factories there is no sewage treatment facility and the cost of evacuating sewage to a high licensed site
  • Factories in which the existing sewage treatment plant is not operated because the effluent received does not meet the requirements of the standard, so the plant had to evacuate the sewage
  • Factories, where there is a need to upgrade the sewage treatment facility to enable the discharge of effluent into the municipal sewer

The result of the situation company analysis can be:

  • There is currently no economic justification for building a sewage treatment plant in the plant and the evacuation process, as is currently being done, is the right solution.
  • Existing facilities can be upgraded and S² submits a proposal to upgrade the facility
  • S² submits a project proposal (all inclusive), with executive responsibility for the process and technology

Since the beginning of 2010, the number of projects in the company has increased significantly

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