Alum or Aluminum Sulfate

Alum or Aluminum Sulfate Sulfate (Al2(SO4)3)2(SO4)3is a chemical marketed by S².

 Product quality.

Product purity meets the most stringent standards of AWWA and of EU authorities and is authorized for the use of drinking water treatment.
The product is Kosher
The specifications of each batch are controlled by an authorized laboratory.
      The product is supplied in cubicontainers (1 m3), Jerricans (18 liter) or in bulk.

Product advantages.

S² developed a process of manufacturing it using recycling technology. Alum is a liquid containing around 4% Al. It can be readily used for waste water treatment.
The coagulant is more stable over time than its competitors' parallel products.
Alum is used as an acidic coagulant in combination with Sodium and Potassium Aluminate to maintain a controlled pH level of the treated waste water.


It is more expensive than Sodium Aluminate unless recycled product is used
Acidic coagulant could reduce the pH below 6 and cause odor problems. It has then to be used with caustic soda pH correction