The company
SWDP ltd. (S²) is a technology minded company founded in 2000, proposing novel and original solutions to industrial and urban waste treatment problems. The company also deals with recycling of waste brines of industry, production of coagulants in Israel, improvement of existing processes and process development.
1. Management team The company is led by Dr. Sammy Wahrmann, former head of process and technology development at IMI (R&D of the ICL group) and Prof. Sami J. Wajc, former Head of the Chemical Engineering department of the Free University of Brussels and Chief engineer of IMI (R&D of the ICL group).

2. Mission:
SWDP LTD. has been at the forefront of implementing the use of chemicals in the treatment of industrial waste. This includes: Implementation of Physico-Chemical processes in a variety of applications such as: food industry, dairy farms, slaughterhouses and poultry processing, metal processing plants, plastic bottles recycling, cosmetics and oil and petrochemicals. SWDP LTD. has done some pioneering work in introducing, in Israel, the use of coagulants in Urban WWTPs, thereby improving operation, treated water quality’ phosphate removal and increased capacity. Recycling of waste brines from the Aluminum processing industry into valuable chemicals used for waste water treatment and other applications.
3. Modus Operandi SWDP LTD. is committed to provide: Solutions that meet the highest safety and environmental standards. Sustainable technologies from both technical and economical viewpoints. Rapid implementation of full scale and durable solutions. The implementation of SWDP LTD. solutions is done in several stages. This makes the process transparent and supplies the customer with the opportunity to make a "go/no go" decision between stages. Definition of the customer's problem. Laboratory tests at customer's site and analysis of results. Study of available technologies. Analysis of the existing facilities. Issuing of a report including the economic justification of the proposed solution. Design of the flow sheet of the chosen technology. Cost estimate of the process (equipment and variable costs). Mode of implementation: turn-key or by offers from constructors. Performance guarantees. Follow-up of implementation by constructors. Running-in of the plant. Training of local personnel and follow-up of plant's performance.